Just got a new camera for doing pictures and videos for Cosmid!

So I am working with and we did a shoot! I was really nervous at first going to the shoot, but once I got there it was a lot easier. We started by doing pictures around the hotel room which was fun. Did a few videos and such. This is the first shoot I’ve had since my totalsupercuties days! I can’t lie, I am pretty excited to get back into modeling! It took me a while to consider it but after checking out, I decided to do it. I think you guys will love the content we shot! We even did a video in the pool, which was interesting! We did two days of shooting, and though I haven’t seen all of the pictures yet, I think we got some great shots! I can’t wait until they get published so I can see what you guys think! Be sure to watch for me on!!! My name there will be Jaime :)

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7 thoughts on “Cosmid

  1. I saw you at Cosmid and you are great!

    A real girl, with a fantastic smile and soft curves.
    I bet everybody loves your boobs, but I also like your heartbreaking smile and feminine tummy.

    Don’t change.

  2. Melissa… What can I say? Of course you have a great body, but I am drawn to your eyes and your smile.
    You are truly blessed. I would love to take you out for dinner, just to stare into your eyes ans make you laugh.
    I’m in Dayton Ohio, so……


  3. saw your skit on boobster where the guy touched you when he was helping you. It was a bit underhanded if you ask me but I wondered if you didn’t mind. The guy seemed a little pervy but I guess working around ladies like you for a living it must be hard to not think about these things. Wanted to know your take if you had any.


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